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Has Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Put on More Size?

My colleague Tony’s recent bro-gasm onto the small of Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson’s back struck up debate within the Two Scoops offices:

Discussion: Has Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson put on more size?

Answer: You bet your fucking ass he did.

I’m sure most of you TwoScoopers are asking yourselves… But T and J, how can such a monster of a man… The People’s Champ… THE Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment… The Tooth Fairy.. get MORE huger? I’m glad you asked, because the answer is quite simple really:


Dwayne Johnson Fast Five
Look at that attitude,  and by attitude, I mean biceps.

The man, standing at 6’5, roughly 260lbs decided to lose the cocky smile and clean-cut hair, and replace it all with no-fucking-nonsense. He woke up one day, looked in his million dollar mirror and said, “No more Tooth Fairy.  No more The Game Plan.  I’m going to accept this role in Fast Five, shave my head, grow a badass goatee, put on another 50 lbs of muscle, and go make Vin Diesel look like a 12-year-old getting his first sack hair.

"Hey Mr. Diesel, I’m coming for your scrawny ass!"

"Don’t pout Vin, it’s not your fault I am massive."

Moral of the story Two Scoopers: Boots-to-Asses.  There is no such thing as “Too Huge.”

-Joey “Juice” Vigaroni