The Rock is Jacked Out of His Face Right Now

A few months ago, we posted our thoughts about the recent additions The Rock has made to his musculature in Rock Hard Right Now.  Well if that post didn’t confirm your suspicions that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is now a fucking monster, than maybe this picture will. 

Proof that The Rock is Yolked:

Notice how, in the picture on the left, he is wearing some kind of watch/wristband on each of his wrists.  However, in the picture on the right, the wristbling is nowhere to be found.  That is because The Rock got so huge that his wristbands exploded off of his arm

There are a few things you can’t get bigger with lifting and diet alone: your dick, your dome, and your joints.  I’ve had people ask me, “Tony, I have small wrists, how can I get them bigger?” and the answer is, ‘you can’t.’  It is a fact of nature. 

Yet somehow, The Rock did it. The Rock got so huge, it made his wrists huger, and his jewelry shattered.  That makes sense too, because only a scrawny version of The Most Electrifying Man in Entertainment would need accessories to be electric.  Now he does it on pure-fucking-size.

I mean look at that picture, his neck fucking disappeared.

Not to mention, his actual face looks bigger.  It looks like his dome went straight Barry Bonds.  I wouldn’t be surprised if his kegel regiment made his dick bigger too. 

Rock on Dwayne, Rock on.

-Tony “Two Scoops” Muscoli

P.S. Dwayne, if you ever read this, I must know your supplement stack.  What are you ON man? Quit holding out on your man Tony! 

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