Brinky Ma Man! Fighting the War on Planet Fitness

Hell yeah Brinky! I don’t know who you are, but you are speaking my language. Join us! in our War on Planet Fitness. You echo our anti-Planet Fitness sentiments and we need right minded individuals like yourself to band together to defeat the corporate pipsqueak that is Planet Fitness.  If you to want help, hit me up on Twitter @TonyTwoScoops or email me at  

Sidenote: if you are going to join us, and I am speaking to Brinky here, you might want to work on your traps/delts/pectorals/lats/everything.  No offense, you just need to get huger.  This pictures is alright:

…but if you are going to do videos, be more like Scooby (in terms of pectorals, not demeanor):

-Tony “Two Scoops” Muscoli


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