Brandon Spikes Flexes In Fred Jackson’s Face

On Sunday, the Buffalo Bills are down 6 points with a minute to play.  2nd and 10 on the New England Patriots' 44-yard line.  Ryan Fitzpatrick makes a short pass to Fred Jackson, at which point Patriots linebacker #55, Brandon Spikes, promptly lays him THE FUCK OUT - Jackson was hurt at the end of a 9-yard catch and run, when he lowered his head while being swarmed by three New England defenders. Spikes got to Jackson first, lunging into the running back with his left forearm striking Jackson directly on the helmet.

Jackson fell immediately to the ground and fumbled the ball…

Brandon Spikes Fred Jackson

Jackson stayed down, because Spikes’ forearm to the helmet had taken him out with a concussion, but as players were leaving the field, B. Spikes was still mouthing off to Bills players and flexing his bicep right up in their face.  I would too if my forearm gave people concussions.

-Tony “Two Scoops” Muscoli



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