Beck’s 50g Protein Shake Beer

For a couple of weeks i’ve been sitting on the idea of making a “Brotein Shake.”

(Beer + Protein) * Blender = Brotein Shake.

Shit gets pretty foamy in my blender. Then, like a gift from the God of Getting Huge, my prayers are answered.  BEHOLD!

Beck’s 50g:

Becks 50g
Here is what their website had to say:

Beck’s is pleased to be the first brewer in the world to introduce the protein shake beer. Beck’s 50 will be strictly brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot, the German purity law of 1516,  except with the addition of 50 grams of high quality whey protein and additional multi-vitamins.

Beck’s 50 is primarily aimed at those hardcore gym users who want to maximize their work outs whilst enjoying the cool, refreshing, crisp taste of Beck’s beer. Beck’s 50 will be available at most bars and all good health shops (in the sports nutrition aisle).

Beck’s 50 is ideal post work-out to help maximize muscle repair and growth. Fortified with BCAAs (branched chain Amino Acids), the 50g of protein is immediately absorbed by the muscles to help maximize gains.

Please drink responsibly.

Genius.  Nothing says post workout nutrition like BCAAs and BEERs.  “I drink this post workout to prevent going catabolic but I also like the urge for violence it gives me COME AT ME BRAH! It’s fuckin protein IN A BEER its like an anabolic beer.”  Fuck yeah.  Makes Michelob Ultra look like piss water.  You’d think I would be running around to every beer store trying to stockpile this shit before it gets banned, but I have to blow the whistle on this one. 

Please drink responsibly?”  Dear Beck’s, what in the fuck is responsible about a beer with 50g of protein?  That is entirely too much protein for your average binge drinker.  I see the scenario playing out like this:

  • I get back from the gym. Today was Chest, and I absolutely obliterated my pecs.
  • I reach into the fridge for a convenient, frosty protein shake beer.
  • After taking the 1st beer to the face, I think “hey, two beers never hurt anybody.”
  • After a diesel workout, my body is in a weakened state and I’m buzzing off two beers and I think, “hey this is great!  I’m gettin’ huge and gettin’ drunk!” *reaches for 3rd protein shake beer*
  • I’m drunk. 
  • Everybody at TwoScoopers offise is asso drunkkl sop nobody can go get real beers sso im fucked an gottaa drinks this dirty taste protein beer.
  • 10 beers later i have had drunken TEN BEERS! and trhat is 500 million grams of PROTIEN BITCHES! and i can feel my livver collapsing now , oi better be fucking huger! TWOSCOOPSGETHUGE TO THE FACE! WOho„,.m….,mfuck i have to shit. NOW!


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