The Girl from the Planet Fitness Commercial

I found her.  The girl.  The girl from the Planet Fitness Bang Bang Bang commercial.  Her name is Sara Fletcher, and after scouring the internet for pictures of her, I am really not as into her as I used to be.  Nothing special.  She has the “girl next door” vibe, but huge dudes don’t settle for “the girl next door.”  We bang smokin’ hot babes at the club and rub it in little people’s faces like “hey man, you might have personality, but it doesn’t matter cause I have FAT biceps that would break your t-shirt sleeves in half.  That is why you are with “the girl next door” and I am dance-floor dry humping “the girl you dream about.”  Suck it.

Sara Fletcher
Meh. Sorry sugar, i’ve had better.

-Tony Muscoli


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